Audio: Priest discusses New Bedford 3 years after raid

Iconic photograph from 2007 raid by Peter Pereira

The photo of this little girl was taken shortly after the New Bedford, MA immigration raid, three years ago this weekend.

Father Marc Fallon witnessed the effects of the raid in his community.  He is a Community Advocate at Catholic Social Services in New Bedford.  He also works with Maya K’iche’ Organization and is a parish priest in the neighboring town.

In the interview below, Father Marc talks about the impact of the infamous March 6, 2007 immigration raid at the Bianco factory. This is the raid that prompted Boston financier Robert Hildreth to step forward and offer bond loan assistance to immigrants who could not afford to pay their bond. It is the raid that started the Bond Fund.

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What was it like for the local community when 300 immigration agents arrested 361 factory workers, and transferred many of them overnight toimmigration detention centers in Texas? How have the people of New Bedford fared in the three years since the raid?

Once the audio file completely loads below, click on the orange arrow to listen to the interview (under 4 minutes long):

For additional audio, listen to reporter David Montgomery explain the story behind the picture of the girl above.


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