Video: A Bond Fund Client Speaks Out

The National Immigrant Bond Fund is fighting for dignity and due process in North Carolina, where local police are arresting people of color for minor infractions, and reporting them to immigration authorities.   In Samuel’s case, the Bond Fund helped to pay his bond, and SCSJ represented him in court.  Despite 13 years in the US, and strong ties to family and community here, Samuel is not eligible to legalize his status.  He will have to leave the country.

Sometimes all the Bond Fund can do is help someone out of detention, to say his goodbyes.  People who can not post bond are deported directly from a detention center, without the opportunity to put their lives in order or see their loved ones again.  The video above was created by Tasha Prados, a University of North Carolina intern at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ).  En Espanol, with English subtitles.


2 responses to “Video: A Bond Fund Client Speaks Out

  1. Mixed emotions about this video. I have undocumented friends and have supported the Bond Fund. But I don’t think this video would do anything to persuade someone to think differently. Ofcourse Samuel was treated “as if he was an illegal” he is here illegally. That doesn’t mean that undocumented detainees should be treated as if they are hardened criminals or worse, as animals. This comes off a bit too much of a tear jerker. I think the video would have been more effective if it showed how Samuel had contributed to his community, how he had otherwise been a law-abiding person and to emphasize that his violation is a civil one, not criminal in nature.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It is more of an emotional appeal than our other articles – just trying to show a range of perspectives. I like your idea on a video about someone’s contributions. Thanks for your support too.